Xcel Mens Wetsuit Drylock 2mm Long Sleeve Jacket

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The Drylock 2mm Long Sleeve Jacket features TDC Thermo Dry Celliant, with clinically proven Smart Fiber Technology, and Clinically Proven Infrared Smart Fiber. 2mm Increase Tissue Oxygenation Enhances Overall Performance Naturally Hydrophobic 100% Performance Stretch Glued and Blindstiched seams Engineered Drylock wrist seals that keep more water out. No zippers for simple easy on/off Loop It Or Lose It! tie loop, and elastic cord/cinch for the ideal fit. *SOME SIZES AVAILABLE SPECIAL ORDER REQUESTS ONLY* May take 5-7 Business Days to Ship, Please Call 1 (800) 480-4754 for any questions.






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